When it comes to sausages, there's nothing more important than taste!

We Produce

High quality, most uniform casings, with the rich balanced flavor you deserve!

Welcome to
Wolfson Casing Corp.

For over 100 years, Wolfsons has been synonymous with commitment, quality and control. It is the reason that we are the industry leader, providing the best products, service and support. With the highest quality, all-natural casings, we will ensure that your products look as good as they taste.

"If we don't exceed your expectations, we haven't done our job."
- Wolfson Sales Team

Why Wolfson?

  • Highest Quality natural casings
  • More than 100 years of experience
  • We guarantee each and every casing we sell
  • Global network of resources
  • Competitive prices & swift turnaround
  • Excellence at every step of production
  • Highly experienced sales & support staff


Wolfson Address and phone info.
U.S. Sales (800) 221-8042
Canada Sales (800) 871-3766
Wolfson Casing Corp.
700 South Fulton Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Fax (914) 668-6900
Wolfson Casing Corp.
555 West Chestnut St.
Dixon, CA. 95620
Fax (707) 678-3905
Wolfson Casing Corp.
6505 Cote St Luc Rd
Suite 125
Montreal, Que H4V 1G3